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Audio Mastering Tutorial

Tips in Mastering Audio at Home!

1 Feb, 01:12 pm

Mastering process is the last step in any music production process. It is highly recommended to mast …

Music Mixing

How to Mix Instrument Frequencies for Best Sound

28 Feb, 03:17 pm

Mixing is both an art and science. Why? It is an art because there are no limitations in being creat …

Music Publishing

How to sell your music or songs in iTunes?

1 Dec, 10:48 pm

iTunes is currently the leader in online music distribution in 2009 and may continue well in the fut …

Recording and Mixing Drums

How to pan drum instruments?

9 Apr, 02:35 pm

In my recent post, I have mentioned that the whole drum instruments can be panned somewhere -12.5 to …

Recording Equipment

Tips on buying a mixer for home recording

27 Feb, 03:13 pm

In this post, you will learn the tips on how buy a mixer for home recording. Bear in mind that an au …