ISRC Registration & Application: How to Apply & Get ISRC Codes

This is a complete procedure on how to register and get your ISRC codes. If you do not know what is ISRC code. You can start with this ISRC FAQ.

Remember that if you are planning to earn sound recording royalties using Sound Exchange or releasing a digital album online, ISRC is required.

Follow the steps below:

Steps on ISRC application

STEP1.) Go to this ISRC website.


Apply for Code

STEP3.) The procedure will ask for some questions. So make sure you answer it as accurate as possible. The first question to be asked requires you to be copyright owner of your sound recordings that you wish to assign an ISRC codes. If you are not the copyright owner, click no. Click “Next” to proceed.

STEP4.) The second question asks if your company is based on the United States or one of its territories. You will answer yes, if you are a US Citizen. Unfortunately this online web application for ISRC will not be applicable for foreign registrants or Non-US Citizen. Instead, go to the local issuing agency assigned by ISRC in your country. You can find the complete list here.

STEP5.) The next question asks you if you are assigning more than 100000 ISRC in a calendar year. Most answer will be NO because most applicants for ISRC code are independent artist and producers which of course cannot produce tracks more than 100,000 per year that are to be assigned with ISRC. If you are a big major label or a conglomerate with thousands of artists and thousands of tracks released per month then you might answer YES. This is because you might be releasing more than 100,000 sound recordings per year that needs to be assigned with unique ISRC code.

STEP6.) Then the procedure asks you if your company or even you already have an existing ISRC registrant code. Most answer will be NO since that is why you are applying in the first place- to get your registrant codes. Then click next to proceed.

STEP7.) ISRC automatically determines if you are qualified to be assigned with ISRC registrant codes based on your answer to the above questions. Once you succeed, you will be presented with ISRC application form.

ISRC form

ISRC form