Music Production ebook in Home Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering

This blog has been around for 2 years already starting from February 2008 until now (November 2010). It contains a lot of tutorials focusing on home recording, mixing and mastering.

However since this is using a blog format; the topics are not arranged logically that any beginner will find it hard to get started with music production and audio recording. Finally, the solution is to create an e-book version of the website with topics arranged in a way a beginner can easily understand to get started doing recordings, mixing and mastering.

In relation to this, I received an email from a fan of this website:

On 11/21/2010 7:28 PM, Romain V wrote:
Good morning!

I’ve discovered a few months ago your “” website, and I thought it was really a great initiative to share all those tips. I’ve tried some of them, and they seem to sound nice.

So I thought that it might be a good idea to put all those tips together in some sort of guide; a guide that you could put as a download on your “” website or as a PDF-page, directly opened in browser.

I made it using MS Word, re-arranged it in some logical order, made it more “eye-candy”, and added a table of contents, chapters, and so on…

I made that document, because I thought it would be a useful summary of your website; especially for newcomers. (When they first visit the website, with all those tips everywhere, they might not know what to start with). This would summarize most basic articles. After reading this, they would then visit your website to read updates and new articles, one by one.

I attached the document to this mail, as a PDF file (optimized for live/web use). It contains most articles until the end of October 2010. Of course, your website is mentioned everywhere. People need to visit it to hear sound clips and to ask questions. The document also advises to check your website for more information, for more articles and for updates.

Hope you like it. You have my word, that I won’t use the document anywhere else.
Have a nice day

> Red-Wind