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Using a Direct Box in your Home Recording Studio

This is a tutorial illustrating the use of direct box in a home recording application. I received an inquiry from a reader about issues on recording a digital piano. Below are the gears and accessories used: 1.) CLP-295GP Yamaha Clavinova digital piano …

Definitive Guide when Recording Music in the Studio- Band Checklist

This guide is applicable to independent musicians and bands ..

How to Record a Live Band Performance in 4 Different Ways

There are lots of instances you might be recording a live band performance such as garage band taping to a live concert.

What is Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) & how to use it in your DAW?

BWF (Broadcast wave format) is simply an upgraded version of the standard WAV file (lossless). In BWF format, a user can add non-audio information to the WAV file such as text. This information can be associated to the nature of the recording. It can b …

Beginner FAQ on Digital Recording Studio Troubleshooting

This is a compilation of the frequently asked questions on digital recording studio troubleshooting. This is a helpful guide for beginners and novices that are encountering some technical issues with their studio. To make this a user-friendly guide, it …