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How to Create your Own Audio Samples – Complete Tutorial

Introduction Ever want to use a sound that no one else has? To stand out with unique sounds and tones? You can jam pack your sample library by simply creating one sound and manipulating in multiple ways. Some common reasons why people don’t take this r …

Using a Direct Box in your Home Recording Studio

This is a tutorial illustrating the use of direct box in a home recording application. I received an inquiry from a reader about issues on recording a digital piano. Below are the gears and accessories used: 1.) CLP-295GP Yamaha Clavinova digital piano …

Definitive Guide when Recording Music in the Studio- Band Checklist

This guide is applicable to independent musicians and bands ..

How to Record a Live Band Performance in 4 Different Ways

There are lots of instances you might be recording a live band performance such as garage band taping to a live concert.

What is Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) & how to use it in your DAW?

BWF (Broadcast wave format) is simply an upgraded version of the standard WAV file (lossless). In BWF format, a user can add non-audio information to the WAV file such as text. This information can be associated to the nature of the recording. It can b …