How to Embed and Read ISRC Codes of MP3 files for free (Linux/Windows)

If you are a music producer, you should consider adding your digital album release with ISRC codes. You are only allowed to add ISRC codes to your recording if you are also the sound recording copyright owner. Read the following tutorials below pertaining to sound recording copyright ownership:

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In the steps on how to release a digital album online. Distributor websites such as CD Baby , iTunes, etc.; all require ISRC codes to be embedded for each track you will need to submit.

Once you have your own ISRC codes, you will then need to assign each of your album tracks with a unique ISRC code. This tutorial is written for both Windows and Linux users. It is best to put ISRC codes to your MP3 masters if that is now final and scheduled for release. You should not put ISRC code to demo MP3 or pre-mastered MP3 files.

It is because the principle of ISRC implementation is to identify the uniqueness of the recording regardless whether it is just the same song. Let’s illustrate an example. Supposing you produce Song X and decide on release it. After you created an MP3 master of Song X, you then assign ISRC code to it.

However after you release and distributed the work, you decide to remix or remaster Song X because you do not like the recording quality. So you created version 1 of Song X (another sound recording version). According to the principle of ISRC implementation; Song X original version ISRC code SHOULD BE DIFFERENT from Song X version 1 sound recording. It is because, even though the song is the same; the recording is now different. Differences in recording are brought about by remix or remaster. You should keep this mind when assigning ISRC codes to your masters.

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Install Kid3 MP3 ID3 Tag Editor

The most recommended software that will work for both Linux and Windows is to install Kid3, which is an MP3 ID3 tag editor. The good thing about Kid3 is that it is free or open source. You can install Kid3 using the following steps:

1.) Go to Applications—Ubuntu Software center– and in the search box, type Kid3.
2.) Install Kid3-Audio Tagger.
3.) Wait until it is completely installed; and then once completed, go to Applications—Sound and Video –Kid3 , this will launch the application.
4.) This is how it looks like:

ID3 tag 1

ID3 tag 1