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Songwriter Guide on the Business Aspect of Songwriting

Songwriting is an art and almost anyone can be a songwriter. It’s not that hard. What is hard is the business and marketing aspect of songwriting. This is where most songwriters are struggling to get familiar with. This tutorial is written for a beginn …

How to Publish a Song? Difference with Unpublished Songs

Sometimes songwriters overlooked the differences between published and unpublished songs.

Recording Producer and Artist Guide on Legal Agreements

Hello Emerson, I am a music producer and I have a question for you. I produced music and an artist wrote the lyrics and sang the song. How would this be split? Would 50 /50 be ok in everything? ASCAP, iTunes selling etc. I did the recording using my ow …

How to submit a song to an artist? – Songwriter Guide

So you have now crafted a perfect song and you would like to submit that to your favorite artist? How would you supposed to do that? This tutorial will highlight all the most important things you need to do. If you are ready, let’s get started… The Nec …

6 Most Proven Hit Songwriting Tips and Steps in Writing Effective Songs

If you are a singer/songwriter, artist, or producer, there is no other strong asset that can guarantee you long term success except your hit songs.