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How to Publish a Song? Difference with Unpublished Songs

Sometimes songwriters overlooked the differences between published and unpublished songs.

MP3 Watermark: How to Implement Audio Watermarking and Benefits

Watermark has been used in a variety of copyrightable properties such as images. The purposes of watermark are as follows: a.) Credit the original work creator in case the work will be shared or distributed by public users. b.) Protect the copyright ow …

Music Rights for Film – Short Guide to Independent film makers

In film making, variety of elements are needed, the screenplay, actors/actresses, crew and the most important- the music. Big film makers with lots of budget can afford to pay high licensing fees to use popular music/songs. These production companies c …

How to Get Permission to Use Copyrighted Music?

This is a tutorial about the details on asking permission to use copyrighted music.

How to perform a Song Copyright Search?

The following below are the simple steps to find the song copyright owners or publishers. As a background, you need to perform a copyright search to get the following information: a.) Copyright owner/songwriter of the song. b.) Music publisher of the s …