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REAPER Audio Statistics and Volume Plug-in: Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the REAPER Audio statistics and volume plug-in called JS: Schwa: audio_statistic and JS: Utility/Volume.

Quick Audio Mastering with Reaper

In this quick tip, you will learn how to do quick mastering with Reaper.

Dithering and Sample rate conversion before MP3 encoding? Complete Study

In this post, an experiment will be conducted on the effects..

Volume Automation Tutorial in Reaper DAW

Volume automation is one of the quickest methods in controlling the track volume in the mix without the need to edit the waveform or do destructive editing. This feature is supported in Reaper and this is a tutorial on how to use them. When to use Volu …

DIY (Do It Yourself) Quick Audio Mastering Tutorial for Beginners

This introductory tutorial will help the beginner in audio mastering to quickly grasp the concepts and learn audio mastering using common tools such as multi-band compressors. Quality studio monitoring is still very important here, so make sure you are …