Music Production ebook in Home Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering

So here it is…for those beginners needing to start with audio recording, the music business and the entire music production process. You can download this free e-book.

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6.) All contents in the e-book is subject to the website terms and disclaimer.

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(Over 2000 users downloaded this book as of May 2012)

UPDATE October 1, 2012: If you are experiencing downloading issues, please send me a mail at, and I will send you the PDF book by email.

Note: Please wait up to one minute(maximum) to start the download.. It may depend on the speed of your connection.

UPDATE: September 20, 2012: I am on the process of creating a book out of this blog. This will be the most updated and complete version of all my tutorials. I will be working closely with an editor for the book, and hopefully it will be available for sale in paperback and digital formats in Amazon bookstores, etc. If you want to know the book outlines, you can read it here.

PDF Credits: Thanks to Red-Wind for creating the PDF version of the website content.
Frequently Asked Question
1.) Where can I get the audio files for the Recording Guide? Answer: Using the search function of this website, type the tutorial title then you will be taken to the exact tutorial URL. After that, look for any download link of the audio. You should be able to download it. Bear in mind that you can only use the reference audio for academic/educational purposes, you cannot use it for other purpose(such as commercial use). Please contact the author if you intend to use the audio samples for other purposes.

This e-book is free.

Thank you.

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