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Audio Quality Measurement Tool & MP3 Sound Analyzer – Online Version

This is the online version of AudioSpectro FIRE, a tool that can be used to assess the track frequency balance.

AudioSpectro FIRE- Frequency Balance Tool for Audio Mastering

AudioSpectro FIRE (Flat and Intelligent Response Equalization) is a tool that can be used to solve problems involving frequency balance in audio mastering process.

Can Audio Mastering Save a Bad Mix?

Supposing you have just completed an audio mix which you think still sounds bad. Can it be fixed in mastering?

Audio Mastering using Free Software and Plugins

Here is a tough challenge. Supposing you want to do audio mastering using completely free software and plug-ins; is this possible? This post will not teach you exactly how to master using these free software/plugins but it will show you all the best to …

Finding Instrument frequencies using Notch filtering in Audio Mastering

I would like to share these tips to beginners or those struggling to master their own projects. This can help you find out which fundamental/dominant frequencies are used by different instruments using Notch filtering technique. Since a mastering engin …