Mastering with Cool Edit Pro/ Adobe Audition

How to Add LAME MP3 encoder in Adobe Audition or Cool Edit Pro

One of the end result in mastering would be to distribute the masters in MP3 format. In this case, you need to install an MP3 encoder to Adobe Audition. LAME MP3 encoder is the best MP3 encoder that will be able to produce the highest quality MP3 of the WAV version. Yet, this is not added to Adobe Audition by default, because it has its own default MP3 encoder.

The good news is that LAME mp3 encoder is released as an open source project. This means that anyone can use it for free. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of integrating a LAME MP3 encoder to your Adobe Audition DAW software (a.k.a Cool Edit Pro).

The following are the steps:

1.) Download the LAME MP3 encoder here designed for Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition. Save it to your Downloads folder or Desktop.

2.) After downloading the zip package, right click on “” and click “Extract here”. It will then be extracted into a folder named as “cool_lame”. Inside this folder you will find the following files:

Cool Lame files

Cool Lame files

3.) The only important files in that folder are the following:

a.) cool_lame.flt
b.) lame_enc.dll

Copy these two files to your Adobe Audition root directory installation. Your Adobe Audition root directory can be found under Program files folder in your Windows operating system commonly in this path (if your Windows and Program files are installed in Drive C):

C:Program FilesAdobeAudition 1.5

Below is the snapshot of the files inside the Adobe Audition/Cool Edit root directory:

Adobe audition root directory

Adobe audition root directory

Copy those two files in that directory. After copying these files, it will look like the one below:

Lame encoder files copied

Lame encoder files copied

4.) Launch Adobe Audition. Go to Edit View and open any WAV audio files that you would like to be converted into an MP3 file using LAME encoder.

5.) Supposing you would like to convert the WAV file into a 320 kbps MP3 using CBR (Constant Bit rate). Go to File – Save As – under “Save as Type” select the option “MPEG Layer-3 [LAME]”. Then since you would like to have a 320kbs MP3 CBR, click “Options” and under “Preset” select “CBR” and select “320” under “CBR/ABR bitrate” Do NOT forget to click OK. Screenshot of this process:

Lame configuration settings

Lame configuration settings

6.) Finally when everything is set, click “Save”.

7.) Try playing the MP3 file with your favorite MP3 player; your player should recognize it as a 320 kbps MP3 such as shown below:

MP3 player streaming 320 kbps

MP3 player streaming 320 kbps

Try experimenting with the LAME options to create a diverse type of MP3 file types such as VBR (variable bit rate) or a CBR at different bit rates.

If you like to remove the LAME encoder, simply delete those two files in your Adobe Audition directory.

Content last updated on June 23, 2012

  • Emerson Maningo

    Hi Steven,
    I agree with what you’ve said about CE2. I even use them today for my audio mastering. It’s unique, simple to use and sounds great. Cheers.

  • Steven A

    Thanks for this. CE2.0 is my weapon of choice. I get alot of schtick for it since it’s old and outdated, but my music hits just as good as anything out there today, ProTools included.


    Sidenote: I like the Oxford Limiter as well as an alternative to the Waves L2. As long as the mix doesn’t pass -3, -4db, it’s enhancing it’s awesome.

  • Brian Ofus

    Please can anybody tell me where to download free directx plugins for cool editpro?

  • Reynaldo

    Hello Emerson, thanks for all the useful tips. I have a question. What’s the difference between the L2 and L3 Ultramaximizer plugin? I used L3 and the interface is very similar to L2. Is there an important difference between them?

  • billy

    thank you Emerson!all this stuff is really helpful!you are a very kind person!

  • Emerson Maningo

    Hi Billy,
    The L2 plugin is not automatically available as a direct x plugin in adobe audition. You still need to download the plugin here: and then install to your computer.
    Once installed, you can launched Adobe Audition then go to Effects — Refresh Effects lists. You should see the L2 plugin added as a waves plugin in Effects — Direct x — Waves — L2.
    Just try L2 first, and learn how to use it carefully and compress to create loud music without necessary going to distortion.

    Good luck.

  • billy

    what about L2 plug-in?is it already conteined in adobe audition or should it be downloaded extra?and if so do you recommend any other processes at the commpression stage?

  • Emerson Maningo

    Hi Andresa,
    I’m not using this plugin but you can check out their manual here: , it pretty explains everything. If you cannot it in their manual, most likely that functionality is not supported.

  • Andresa

    i wanna ask something,
    I use izotope ozone to remove peak volume but I don’t know how to set it, it always unsuccessful 🙁
    can you help me?

  • Emerson Maningo

    Why not? I am even still using the old version and I find it highly dependable.

  • Music Replay

    Thx for the Adobe Audition 3 tips, just got an old version but I guess it would still be helpful.