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Can Audio Mastering Save a Bad Mix?

Supposing you have just completed an audio mix which you think still sounds bad. Can it be fixed in mastering?

REAPER Audio Statistics and Volume Plug-in: Tips and Tricks

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the REAPER Audio statistics and volume plug-in called JS: Schwa: audio_statistic and JS: Utility/Volume.

How to Make or Create a Radio Friendly Mix/Master -Broadcast Ready

This a complete tutorial on how to make your mix or music ready for radio broadcasting or any types of broadcasting such as in television, etc. The fact that broadcasting follows an entirely different audio specification than the usual CD audio master …

Understanding what does RMS stands for in Audio: Definition & Details

OK so you have encountered a lot about “RMS” in audio recording, mixing and mastering. You might have read it many times in different tutorials featured in this blog or in recording forums. So what is really RMS? RMS is Root Mean Square It is assumed y …

A True Measurement of “Quality” Loudness in Audio Mastering

You love the loudness and quality in mastering. After all it sounds good anywhere. But if you have participated in the loudness wars, that destroys the dynamics, ambiance and clarity of recordings. Before, albums are pleasing and exciting to listen; th …