ISRC Registration & Application: How to Apply & Get ISRC Codes

a.) The Recording rights owner should exactly match with the author/registrant name you used in US Copyright registration for sound recordings and the one you are using for Sound Exchange (or any online music distribution outlets).

b.) The contact name may not be the same as the Registrant name.

If you still need to apply for a sound recording copyright registration, you can read more tips below:

How to submit sound recording copyright application properly?

Copyright Mistakes to Avoid in Music Production

c.) As you have noticed, there is no country field. It is because online application of ISRC assumes you are a US Citizen. You cannot use this form if you are Non-US citizen. Once you have completed this form, click next.

STEP8.) Follow the rest of the steps, it should now be easy. This is where you will make a payment of $75 for the registration.

Non-US based ISRC applicants

Notice: Most of you will be dealing mostly with snail mail application if your government does not have an online application.

Your country ISRC issuing agency would provide a doc file where you will need to print and sign the application form. This is an example screenshot of PARI ISRC application form in Philippines:



The requirements may differ from one country to another. Some have easier requirements while other countries may have strict requirements for ISRC application.

Feel free to contact your local ISRC issuing agency and then clarify with the requirements if you have some questions. The payment may be less than with the online ISRC.

You will be assigned with the code which you can use in ISRC assignment. You will not anymore re-apply for ISRC or there are no annual or renewal fees.

Content last updated on July 14, 2012