Tips to make broadcast quality recordings right in your HOME

Suggested tips on to Improve Recording Quality

Below are the tips outlined on how you are able to make broadcast quality recordings at your home. As I’ve mentioned before , if you want to do it yourself; you got to spend a LOT of time improving your skills in music production. This can take years to develop. But with all guidance included in this blog. You will significantly improve faster.

1.) Educate yourself in the recording process to find out what determines “quality”. Get started by reading the following:

a.) How to make quality recordings

b.) Beginner guide in recording hardware/software

c.) Tips to improve your overall production quality

d.) Assessing “quality” loudness in audio mastering

2.) Educate yourself in the audio mixing process. Get started by reading the following most important audio mixing tutorials:

a.) Learn tips in mixing vocals in this tutorial.

b. ) Read some tips here about mixing bass guitar.

c.) Get some guitar mixing tips in this post.

And there are tons of audio mixing tutorials in this blog. All you need is to use the search box in this blog. Practice a lot and compare your results with other broadcast quality recordings. Have your songs reviewed by other people, listen to their feedback. Constructive comments can help a lot.

However the most important skill to develop is to have a trained ear that can distinguish between amateur and professional recordings. This also takes years to develop. With this skill, you can use it to shape your recordings so that it will sound as professional produced as possible.

3. Know by heart by what is compression and EQ. These two are the most important aspects when you’re mixing and mastering tracks. Know the consequences of distortion and how to attain the maximum volume of the track without distorting it. I recommend you read the following tutorials:

a.) Introductory guide to audio compression

b.) Techniques on digital audio compression

c.) Parametric equalizer user’s guide

d.) Recommended tips on implementing EQ during mixing

e.) Complete guide on EQ settings implementation during mixing.

4. Practice daily and let someone review your work, not your cousin, girl friend, brothers or sisters. But real professionals that are not afraid to criticize your work to the fullest. You can find many of them online. For example at or in mp3 clinic at

Content last updated on October 22, 2012