Superior Drummer 2.0 vs. Drummer using Real Drum Kit

I am considering adding Superior Drummer 2.0 as one of my studio drumming gears. But I am also in the process of completing a real drum kit for recording studio use. So which of the two is actually better in terms of music production? In this post, I will take closer look by examining all factors involved.

Superior drummer vs Real drums

Superior drummer vs Real drums

Credits: Toontrack/Art Bromage

Cost-Benefit Ratio Analysis

Note: The prices mentioned here can change. Make sure you double check the prices with the listed supplier.

Superior Drummer 2.0 is not a free drumming solution. It cost around $400 as a download in their site. I also checked with Amazon and Superior Drummer 2.0 cost only around $179 which is not a download version.

Superior Drummer 2.0

Superior drummers can be configured with a professionally sounding presets. These are configured/authored by some of the best recording producers in the industry. This would save you a lot of time experimenting with getting a good drum sound. This preset is available at around $18 and you can buy it in the Toontrack website here.

Superior Drummer 2.0 actually sounds real because it is using real drum samples during its recording. Take a listen to this mp3 with drum tracks created using Superior Drummer 2.0:

Credits: Toontrack/Miles McPherson Music City Presets

Real drums like a Yamaha drum kit cost around $500 as well as other drum sets. You still need to buy microphones with the cost breakdown as follows (example of a decent/acceptable drum microphone setup):