Superior Drummer 2.0 vs. Drummer using Real Drum Kit

Audix D6 for kick drum = $170
Shure Beta 57A for snare drum = $120
Rode NT5 overhead microphone (two mic for overheads) = $429
(Price source: Amazon)

So the microphones would cost around $719 and overall cost including the drum kit would be around $1219.

The cost for Superior Drummer 2.0 is around $420 (download version) with the following benefits:

a.) Entire drum kit samples recorded in one of the best studio in the world for recording drums.

b.) The drums are fully customizable and they are using some of the best sounding drum kits.

c.) Entirely programmable and can be used with any DAW. (You need a DAW/VST host such as Reaper before you can use Superior Drummer)

d.) 24-bit samples for real sounding drums. This is the recommended bit depth for professional recording and audio mixing.

e.) If you are a studio producer with limited space in your home (not enough space for a drum kit), Superior drummer can provide professional drumming solutions.

While real drum kits costs more, the following are benefits:

a.) Your studio can record a live band. If you are accepting artist or bands to record in your studio; then having a complete drum kit is necessary.

b.) You will have tons of learning opportunity working with real drum kit recording. You will learn how get a good drum sound out of recording, proper room acoustics, microphone placement on the drum kit. These skills can be vital in your success as a recording engineer.

c.) Recording with an actual drum kit is allows to work with a drummer. You will have the pportunity to work with lots of people in your entire recording career which can be beneficial as they can become your long term clients.

d.) You don’t need to worry about using software effects or settings to improve the sound of the drum. All you need is to have a great sounding drum kit and capture it during recording, then it’s done.

So which is actually better?

The main decision on why you should be using Superior drummer 2.0 or not depends on your background and experience as an engineer/producer. As discussed previously; personal preferences, budget, room space and environment can play a big role in the decision making. For example:

a.) If you are a type of musician that would like to work alone with your projects and does not need other artist to collaborate in your studio to record drums; then Superior drummer 2.0 is a good solution.

b.) If you are a recording engineer that owns a studio that accepts clients like rock bands and artist to record their album tracks then definitely you need a drum kit.

c.) If you are a record producer that is self-producing your projects as well as working with any rock bands/artists then it’s better to have both.

Superior drummer 2.0 allows you to create and experiment great drum sequences/arrangement for the song that you are planning to produce. You can use that as a demo for a real drummer to work with. Or you can even use that as the final drum track for a solo artist album project; thus eliminating the need of a real drummer.

d.) To get a great sounding drums, you need to have the proper room acoustic environment or space. Now this can be too demanding if you only have a limited room space in your house. Renting a space simply for drums can be expensive if you don’t have the budget. Also treating your room acoustically is impossible if you don’t have the right to alter your house (e.g. you are only renting).

In addition, if you are recording drums in your own house with no adequate sound proofing, your neighbors might complain. Simply sound proofing your entire drum live room can be a complicated as well as an expensive project. Then in this case, you should consider using software drumming solutions such as Superior drummer.

Content last updated on July 30, 2012