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Digital Audio Music Mastering Process Tutorial & Guide |PC Workstation

Mastering is the last step in the music production process which will take place after audio mixing. Actually mastering is what makes your music radio friendly, broadcast ready or commercial polished sound. Without mastering, your music can hardly comp …

Loudness war examples: Trend of Music from the 80’s until present

The loudness war is not yet over. “Loudness war” is defined by an increasing average RMS power (or simply “volume”) of released recordings per decade.

Dynamic Range Compression- Basic Tutorial Guide for Beginners

Perhaps one of the most important skills you need to acquire when working with recording, mixing and mastering is the complete understanding of how dynamic range compression works. Using audio recording/mixing/mastering software, these are implemented …

Mastering with Cool Edit Pro/ Adobe Audition

This is a short guide on how to do mastering using Cool Edit Pro (old name of Adobe Audition).

Tips to make broadcast quality recordings right in your HOME

A song can be only be marketed at the commercial level only if it is professionally produced. This tutorial assumes you already have the necessary recording gears at your home studio and that you are looking forward to produce quality recordings for br …