Create hip hop drum loops with Hot stepper and Adobe Audition

Repeat the same procedure above for exporting to wav file for the rest of the tracks.

Until all tracks are exported as wav. Open Adobe Audition (you can use any DAW such as Reaper); then load up the tracks EACH in the multi-track session (one track for each wav file). See screenshot.

You can then use your mixing software clip duplication feature to make several copies of your original loop. See the screenshot.

Listen to this sample demo produced using the steps above:

Additional Tips on creating Hip hop drum loops

1.) You still need to mix your drum loops so that they would sound best. Refer to the following tutorials on mixing:

a.) How to mix instrument frequencies – lets you mix frequencies and EQ to its optimal settings.

b.) EQ techniques for Best Clarity – although the example is using Wind instruments such as trombone, you can extend the application to drum instruments such as used in hip hop music.

c.) The Art of Two-Dimensional Audio Mixing – in your mix, you should assign which instruments are on the front and back of your mix. This tutorial can be of great help.

d.) How to pan drum instruments? – you will learn how you can place different sections of your drums in the stereo field to make a very exciting hip hop drum loops.

e.) How to apply reverb to a mix properly– reverb is a very common effect used in mixing hip hop drum loops. You need to be sure you are implementing it correctly.

2.) Most hip hop music are squashed and compressed to death in the mix. You need to make sure that you have adequate headroom on your music for mastering. Read this tutorial on the correct audio mixing levels and headroom.

Content last updated on July 14, 2012