Producing drum tracks without a drummer

Download drum pattern for Hotstepper Sequencer

If you do not have real drums, you can still create real sounding drum loops using Hotstepper drum sequencer for free. This tutorial will list down all the most common drum beats in rock, jazz, metal, punk and pop which can be created in Hotstepper. This is very useful and time-saving tutorial. It is because you can simply listen to the provided drum beat MP3 samples in this tutorial and download the hotstepper file. I created all these patterns from my experience and recorded the sample drum beat for listening.

As a requirement, make sure you have hotstepper installed and you have imported the proper drum recordings to your library. If you have not done this step, read this tutorial. Follow the steps mentioned in that tutorial and ensure that the sound file specifications are correct. Please use the following file names for the drum parts for consistency with the provided pattern:

rock kick.wav
tama snare.wav
pedal hi hat.wav
open hi hat.wav
mid toom.wav
floor toom.wav
cymbal crash tama.wav
Ride cymbal.wav

Even though your drums might not be Tama (as the drum sounds above are obtained from a Tama drum kit), please use the same file name to avoid errors when you are using the downloaded Hotstepper file later on.

3.) Confirm if you have successfully added this drum sound parts to the Hotstepper sound library. Launch Hotstepper and then go to View – Sound Library. See screenshot below. The important drum sound parts are in .wav extension.

Imported drum parts

Imported drum parts

4.) Select from the following most common drum beats that you need to use in your multi-track recording projects. Listen to the mp3 sample provided and then click the link of the pattern to download the .hpa file. Take note that you can further improve it such as increasing or decreasing the tempo, adding some more takes using Hotstepper.
Comment: This one of the most common drum beat pattern in pop music.

Download pattern1
Comment: This is a fast punk alternative drum pattern. Increasing further the tempo (adjusting it in the Hotstepper) would be similar to the “Policia” by Sepultura

Download pattern2

Comment: An example of a tribal drum beat achieved using toms and double bass.

Download pattern3
Comment: This is another common drum beat variation found in pop and alternative music.

Download pattern4
Comment: This is a heavy metal drum beat pattern that is fast using double bass.

Download pattern5
Comment: Slow 12-bar blues drum beat.

Download pattern6
Comment: Punk drum beat 1. Very simple kick and snare combination.

Download pattern7
Comment: Punk drum beat 2. Fast kick and snare.

Download pattern8
Comment: Punk drum beat 3. Kick –tom and floor tom combination.

Download pattern9
Comment: Punk drum beat 4. Fast double pedal on the kick and snare combination.

Download pattern10
Comment: Jazz drum beat pattern.

Download pattern11

After downloading the pattern, right click on the zip file and then click “Extract here”. The .hpa file will then be extracted. After that, launch Hotstepper (now with the newly added drum parts in its library) and go to File – Open and if you see the warning “Do you want to save before continuing?” just click “No”. Then in the “Open” dialog box, select the .hpa file (e.g. pattern1.hpa); then click Open. It will look like below after opening the pattern:

hotstepper pattern

hotstepper pattern

When you play the loop it should sound like the mp3 sample provided above. You can edit it if you want. IMPORTANT: Every time you quit this software by closing it, it will always ask: Do you want to save before continuing? The rule is that if you are not editing the pattern, simply click no. Clicking yes will save the changes made.

Content last updated on October 10, 2012