How to Release a Digital Album Online: Complete Steps

For detailed information about ISRC, you can refer to the following tutorials:

a.) ISRC Registration & Application: How to apply and get for ISRC Codes

b.) How to embed and Read ISRC Codes of MP3 files for free

c.) Frequently Asked Questions regarding ISRC (International Standard Recording Code)

UPC is a bar code system for tracking album sales. Without UPC bar code number for your album, you will find it hard or impossible to get your album in main online music distributors. There are lots of services that can provide UPC for your album. For example CD baby provides this service.

This is an example UPC bar code:

UPC bar code example

UPC bar code example

This is equivalent to UPC-A 123456789999.

Fourth step: Design an album cover. Make it creative. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to create an album design for you.

Look for online music distributor

Fifth step: Now that everything is ready, your next step is to look for an online distributor.One of the recommended is Zimbalam.

The advantage with selecting Zimbalam as your digital online distributor is that in a single fee, it already includes the UPC code. Now go to the website, sign –in, upload both your songs and your cover art. Finally secure a UPC code number.

iTunes is also one of the most popular online music distributors. You can read this post on how to sell your music or songs in iTunes.

CD baby is also one of the most respected online music distributors for indie artist. It is one of the simplest and easiest to get with. You can check here for more information about releasing a digital album in CD baby:

CD baby as well forward or distribute your music to other top online distributors like iTunes. These music distributors would require that you own the sound recording copyrights and that your album complies with the basic requirements such as UPC, ISRC, etc.

Promote and Market your Song for Airplay

Seventh step: Your album as well as your singles should now start appearing in online stores like iTunes, Amazon, etc. Now you need to promote your singles in airplay. The most recommended upon examination is Jango internet radio.

You will still need to promote your singles in the airplay to get new fans. You need to expose them to your songs, and let them know that your album is for sale in those outlets. You can even use Radio Submit.

They will submit your songs to all registered radio stations in the US and Worldwide. To increase the chances of having your album included in the station playlist, you need to have an excellent recording quality. You can read this post on how to make or create a radio friendly mix.

In addition, let your fans know your singles and where they can find and buy your album. So make sure you have the iTunes, Amazon, CD baby, etc. “Buy Now” widgets in the track sales page! You can even make a press release, as well as do a massive marketing in social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace. Then your album starts to sell like hotcakes as well you can earn royalties.

Always make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed the strategies in marketing your music online. Think twice and review your strategies before you implement anything. How you spend time in planning your album release can mean success or failure to the project.

Content last updated on June 20, 2012