How to perform a Song Copyright Search?

The top and the most important result are:

Open up this page in your browser and examine the provided information on this Wikipedia page.

Step 5: Finally the song revealed the following information:

Song title: All by Myself
Songwriter: Eric Carmen, Sergei Rachmaninoff

Eric Carmen is from United States while Sergei Rachmaninoff is from Russia. If you read their biographies, you will find out that Eric Carmen is still alive and you would need to obtain contact information to be used further on the copyright search.

However, the main objective of knowing the writer is to contact the music publisher of the song. It is because they are the one that can officially grant you a license and not the songwriter.
One tip is to contact these performing right societies’ website since they might list the songs as well as the songwriter and the music publisher name:

Detailed research reveals that Eric Carmen is BMI affiliated writer and the song “All by Myself” has a BMI work of 20362.

BMI song result

BMI song result

Finally, clicking on the “All by Myself” link reveals the name of the music publishers representing the song. See the screenshot below:

BMI complete listing with music publishers

BMI complete listing with music publishers

What to do next?

OK now you know the music publishers of this song (there are two publishers listed); you would then need to follow the last remaining steps:

1.) Search the music publisher website in Google. You can do this by simply searching their music publisher name and most likely the top result is their official website.

2.) Use their website contact forms to make a licensing inquiry.

3.) The music publisher would then reply to you with licensing form asking detailed information how you are going to use their song.

4.) You would need to fill up that information as accurate as you can and return it to them.

5.) They will review the information, if they approve the use of the song they will grant you license. In some aspects you also require to pay some licensing fees.

6.) Everything will be finalized in a licensing agreement which you and music publisher would be signing.

Content last updated on June 28, 2012