How to Use SoundCloud to Earn Money| Promotion Tips for Quality Music

Since you are the one that created the sound recording; you also acts as the record label. For example, since I am the one that wrote and produced the music; I register the work under my music publishing business name.

Take note that this is a registered business name (refer to your country procedures for registering business names). Release date and ISRC are also required. If you do not have an ISRC code, you can read this post on ISRC registration and application or read this frequently asked questions regarding ISRC.

Why this is very important? It is because if you are distributing your work via SoundCloud; it could be possible that these could track by royalty paying agencies such as SoundExchanges.

These agencies will help you earn sound recording royalties that will be tracked via the ISRC code OR the name of your label.

However, SoundExchange requires you to become a member before you can get paid with royalties. If you allow your work to be shared by anyone, chances are with some luck and promotion your work could be embedded in big music websites that are monitored by SoundExchange.

2.) Always use the “Buy Link”, enter the URL where interested listeners or fans can buy your music. Make sure that this URL should be direct and does not anymore redirect users to different page. You should test that the buy now button of your music are working.

A good example of a buy link URL is this:

If you have that, chances are when people click on the buy link from SoundExchange- that will take them to your music licensing page and probably buy or license your music.

3.) Make sure that under “Settings”, it is set to “Public” so that it can be embedded where you would like it to be shown and played.

4.) You also have the option to disable free downloads.(as you have seen the “Downloads Disable” is marked as red).

5.) Set Widgets enabled (this is an important feature) so that anyone can embed it on their site (a good promotional tool for sharing music).

6.) I recommend that once you are earning fairly decent sales out of your music, you can then upgrade your SoundCloud account to premium status. In this way, you can get a more detailed statistics about your music that you can use to further increase your sales.

Actually as a summary you do not need to start a website (which can be very expensive) just to promote your music as an artist and indie producer; all you need:

1.) Sign up with a distribution company that would be selling to sell and distribute your music; for example iTunes, CD Baby; etc.

2.) Sign up for SoundCloud and upload your music. Then follow the above marketing and promotional strategy.

3.) Embed your SoundCloud widget anywhere where your fans and music listeners would hang out. Today there are lots of places to start. For example you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Or in your business card, you can include the SoundCloud URL where listeners can check out a lot of your tracks. And make sure it includes the “Buy Link”.

Content last updated on June 20, 2012