How to take care of your ear when mixing or mastering

Most people will listen to produced/commercial music at even low volumes, so you should not be mixing in a very loud volume. It looks unrealistic, at the same time , damaging your ear.

3. After doing mix, rest your ear by taking a nap or avoid loud sounds.
4. Clean your ear always with cotton buds.
5. Avoid ear infection and do not mix when you have colds.
6. When you are listening to music, limit or avoid the use of headphones.

7. Wear earplug in a loud environment. This may be either a public or working environment.

8. If you are fun of swimming in sea, avoid doing deep dives. Pressure can hurt your ear. Of course, you are a sound mixer not a scuba diver.

9. When taking a bath, avoid having some water to get inside your ear canal. This can lead to an infection.

10. When taking medicines, ask the doctor if this can have some side effects to your ear. Avoid taking medicines with such side effect to your ear.

11. Avoid someone blows your ear. This is painful.
12. When you are contacted with cold infection, cure it as early as possible to avoid running nose and other complications to go to your ear parts.

13. If you are mixing daily, I suggest you will not expose your ear more than 3 hours per day. This is for your protection.

Do you know some other tips that can help save your ear? Share it by commenting on this post. Thanks.

Content last updated on July 4, 2012