How to Get Signed to a Record Label and Make Money with your Music

Step3.) Can you really give an “outstanding” live performance of your original song “on the spot”? Live performance skills are common among those who are signed to a record label, it’s because the label is expecting them to perform in front of their fans. If you are the type of person who is shy, not confident, rejecting public request to sing live because you are shy and unprepared- its time to think another career NOT in the music business.

Step4.) Do you already have a LOT of fans? It’s because record label is a business that are made to produce profits. They do not invest in “unproven” talent. If you are great enough to conquer the step 1 to step3, getting a lot of fans is not very hard. All you need is play frequently live, start a Facebook fan page, Google + page, Twitter or Youtube channels and have all of your fans sign-up to them. Post your concert schedule. Record label is attracted to an artist that are willing to work hard by themselves, if you already have a lot of fans that are start following you –record label will think its not hard to earn a sale from released CD’s or downloads because of your solid fan base. Get it?

Step5.) Do you have quality demo recordings of your original song? Make sure that you have some demos. You can have your own recording studio or if hire a music producer to do it. It should not be that super expensive but as long as it sounds nice. You need this demo to share with your fans and other promotional reasons. Bear in mind that the moment some record label catches your attention (honestly you do not beg for label deal, THEY WILL COME TO YOU IF YOU ARE ALREADY SUCCESSFUL); they most likely want to hear some of your demos so make sure you are prepared.

Step6.) Do you have some sales from your music? Why should a label invest in your product if you are not yet proven? Go ahead, do some hard work to get some sales out of your music. The sales figure is very important because it catches labels attention that your product is great and worthwhile, and then they will start to come to you to join the bandwagon.

Step7.) Do you look great? Looks are important but not required; it is why this is in the step 7 and not in the more important steps earlier. You should do your best to look yourself good. If you are too fat, go lost some fat and get that shape. You should look nice in front of your audience and fans.

Step8.) Do you have friends in the music industry? Get some friends particularly in the music industry such as entertainment lawyers, producers, engineers, music publishers, PR teams, etc. A lot of success in the music business comes from referrals, if your talent is great and you pass step 1 to step7; it is very easy for your contacts to recommend you as an artist of that label. Do not just use your friends to help you attain your dream, instead find a friend so that you can learn from them – the music business in general.

It can take at least 5 years to 10 years for beginning indie artist to fully mature (granting full focus, commitment and dedication is given to music and not somewhere else) to complete the steps from 1 to 8. I can guarantee you, if you have taken those steps, you will surely succeed and snatch the deal.

Content last updated on July 21, 2012