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Best CD burner/writer & media for burning audio mastering CD

If you are mastering your own CD for replication or duplication, you might need to assess whether your CD writer (drive) and your media are the best ones for audio CD mastering applications. Let’s start with some theory and facts: a.) The higher the bu …

Mastering with Cool Edit Pro/ Adobe Audition

This is a short guide on how to do mastering using Cool Edit Pro (old name of Adobe Audition).

EQ Settings for Mastering: General Tips

Mastering is the last music production process. It is the next process after audio mixing. In the mastering stage, the engineer does not concern with the mixing elements or different tracks used in the song.

Tips in Mastering Audio at Home!

Mastering process is the last step in any music production process. It is highly recommended to master the tracks before it can be used for any commercial purposes. Why?