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Definitive Guide when Recording Music in the Studio- Band Checklist

This guide is applicable to independent musicians and bands ..

How to Record a Live Band Performance in 4 Different Ways

There are lots of instances you might be recording a live band performance such as garage band taping to a live concert.

Recording a rock band in the studio: One at a time or Live?

Now you have a recording studio in your home, you might ask: “How do I record my rock band songs in a multi-track recording project?” Is it using one at a time recording or recording the band live? The answer is that you can do both. It depends on the …

Tips to improve musical clarity of live rock band practice & rehearsal

This post will highlight all possible ways on how you can improve the sound quality and clarity of your band practice. Have you noticed that if you are doing band practice whether at your friends’ garage, the overall sound is lacking in clarity despite …

Live band recording techniques using Blue Yeti USB Microphone

I received a question from a reader of this site: Hello, I have been trying to record my buddy’s band practices so they can use the audio to remember things in the creative process as well as practice from home with the whole track. I wanted to try to …