Promote your Music Website: Useful Tips for a Musician Website Success

Tip#6: Treat your website as serious as your real press kit! – Your website acts exactly like an online demo press kit. So this means, it should include your high quality photos (of course, publish using a reasonable image sizes so that it will load fast- remember Tip#1); your music; bio; your achievements; etc.

Tip#7: Include the URL of your website in your business card– this is very helpful because most of your fans and acquaintances may remember you and need to contact you. The easiest way they can get to you online is by visiting your website.

Tip#8: Include the URL of your website in all of your social networking profiles – if you have a Facebook, Linkedin, Google + or Twitter account; by all means include the URL to your website.

It is recommended you have an active social media profile throughout the Internet. Make some friends to other artist and those related in your industry. Example are the record producers, engineers, music publishers. In this way, your presence can be well-felt throughout the industry.

Tip#9: Use a catchy homepage title – for example if your name is Juan Dela Cruz and you are a pop/rock musician for hire in Gotham City. Then you can formulate a more descriptive title such as:

Juan Dela Cruz- Gotham City Pop and Rock Musician For Hire

If someone is searching in Google for “Gotham City Musician for hire” you can be ranked first and you get more business from it.

Tip#10: Write more music tutorials in your website and offer it for free. If you have some expertise in music theory, write in-depth tutorials about music and publish it in your website. Make sure it is originally written and not copied from somewhere else. This is a very useful marketing tool because great music tutorials written by performers themselves are very hard to find on the net.

Tip#11: Find more friends in your music genre and link to them. Ask them to link to you as well. For example if your genre is rock and you will find a lot of independent rock artist on the web. Contact them.

Tip#12: Offer some of your music for free. Your fans will think you are not only a great musician but generous as well. However only some of them but not all. It is important that you give them more value than being more focused on making money.

For example, you might be willing to give some gifts to your loyal visitors/fans or other incentives. That makes them feel especial. Again by being unique and providing value is what you should be known as a musician. Show that to your website and visitors would tend to like you more.

Tip#13: Join any music forums; contribute actively on a daily basis. Make sure you contribute useful posts and information. Forums are great way to make some friends that can help or support in your projects.

Content last updated on July 5, 2012