How to become a professional songwriter with a home studio

3.) Professional songwriters pay strong emphasis on the song hook. This is the section of the song that is very hard to forget on the part of the listeners. This is the section of the song that stays on your head for so long. The most memorable part of the song. Writing a hook takes a lot of time and practice. Pro writers seems to spend the most time in writing a song in this part.

4.) Professional songwriters never rush to complete a good song. Even though you can compose the hook sections in as few as 30 minutes and write the lyrics up to an hour. It doesn’t mean its done. You still have to review it very carefully particularly on the weak and boring parts of the song. This is where you should spend time in improving the song. One of the great songs I wrote, I even spend entire month just working on it (recording and music production process not included).

5.) Professional songwriters pay strong attention to the meaning of the lyrics. It is ok to be poetic but if you are aiming to be a professional writer soon you should pay attention to the lyrics to make sure it will be easily understood. Having a clear and meaningful lyrics will have a strong impact on the song success because of its unique identifiable message.

6.) Professional songwriters are fully equipped with the basic songwriting tools. You can start writing songs with only a guitar, a paper and pen. But professional songwriters need more than that. For example, below are the important tools:

a.) Cassette recorder
b.) Recording software (for tracking and sampling tracks).
c.) A mixer, audio interface or DAW (for experimenting sample arrangements)- typically for those songwriters that are also recording producers.



d.) Set of musical instruments not only guitar- because professional songwriters might start writing songs on strictly acoustic piano and other instruments not only guitar.
e.) A dedicated music room- where the songwriter can brainstorm all possible ideas about melodic arrangement, lyrics and other thoughts from other writers (if you have a co-writer).
f.) A software for organizing all the completed works, other legal documents.

7.) Professional songwriters know the importance of copyright application, being affiliated with songwriting organizations, public performance right organizations and the business aspect of songwriting. Being professional, you need to know all of these. It takes a lot of time to know the entire business process of songwriting. Bettter start now before it will be too late.

Content last updated on July 29, 2012