5 Common Indie Music Business Myths Debunked

August 30, 2011 updates from Jared Hallock • University of Idaho:

“YOU DO NOT MAKE MONEY ON JANGO. See the following response from JANGO…

“Thank you for your inquiry about performance royalties payable to Jango Airplay artists. Just like MySpace, FaceBook & YouTube, Jango Airplay is a promotional platform for emerging artists so royalties for plays on Jango.com are waived.

We looked into this originally and discovered that difficulties such as data management problems, incredibly low royalty rates ($1 per 10,000 internet plays), and the small percentage of Airplay Artists that are actually registered meant that we could better serve our artists developing Jango Airplay to become the best online promotional tool available.

These sites mentioned as well as Pandora cannot provide you the service that you are actually paying for here at Jango Airplay. Here we are allowing you to pay for that direct promotion to the listener and utilize our promotional platform by giving you more than just a play. Specific play reports, real time listener feeds, fan communication, and complete control over your dashboard and promotional campaign are also included in your airplay package.

Presently we reward almost half of our artists each week with bonus play credits based on their Jango PopScore, we highlight the Top 10 each week in our listener newsletter that goes out to over 3 million subscribers and we have a ‘Top Emerging’ module on our listeners ‘User Home’ page. We are also always working on future initiatives to create more exposure for our artists on Jango.com and with our online partners.”

Myth3: You only need original and hit songs to succeed

Fact: It takes more than songs to succeed in music business. You also need to be a solid live performer, strong fan base, charisma. Even if you are a songwriter, you should have that “gut” factor to deliver your songs to the right people.

Myth4: You can make decent money by playing live venues only

Fact: No it is not. It is extremely difficult to rely on live concert and gig to make stable money in music business. It is because you will be competing with a lot of bands in the business which is far more experienced than you. Also bars and live venues won’t accept an artist without solid credentials, much more if you are asking money for your gig.

Consider yourself to be very lucky to have a solid gig every week of the month straight for 3 years in a single bar or venue.

Myth5: I need to spend more to earn more in music business

Fact: No. If you spend more to earn more, this is not a wise option because the fact is that music business takes more than money to get noticed. All you need is to be creative and create some extreme buzz. Unlike other businesses where you should need money to get started, music business is unique. As long as there are people following you, praising you for your talents or even buying your raw unpolished demo, you don’t need to spend a fortune or spend more to earn more. For example; a lot of artist gets discovered in Youtube where anyone can upload original videos for free. Or do read the biography of your favorite artist, and then you would realize that they are not spending a fortune just to be discovered.

Content last updated on October 8, 2012