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Welcome! We are an independent music publisher based in Cebu, Philippines. To get started, feel free choose any of the categories below.

Rock - Catalog of songs with rock music rhythm. (9 songs)
Pop - Songs in popular music sounding format. (6 songs)
Country - Songs with country feeling on it. (8 songs)
Acoustic - Acoustic versions of some songs in our catalog. (5 songs)

Quick note about us: We started writing songs as a hobby in year 2004 in a songwriter-singer collaboration. Now we have more than 20 produced works. If you have general inquiries, feel to free to contact. You can also find a lot of common questions answered in our FAQ.

By year 2012, the new Creative Director is Maria Jeanine Maningo. She is a music and vocal coach professional in Cebu City Philippines. You can contact her personally at this email adresss: for any inquiries.

Featured song usage

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