MP3 to Music Sheet Converter: Understanding the Conversion Process

The primary purpose of that setting is to make the software less sensitive to quiet regions of the audio, so it won’t be accidentally converted into music notes. Click start to complete the conversion to MIDI.

Do not worry that your computer cannot play MIDI and the software automatically plays it after conversion. Simply go to File — > Exit.

Step5.) I recommend playing the converted MIDI file to make sure it sounds closest to the original source MP3/WAV file. For example this is the converted MIDI file of the above example.

Don’t worry about slight mistake in the conversion, you can still correct it during the time it will be converted into a music sheet. If the conversion is too far from the original, you can experiment with various settings on the AmazingMIDI such as changing samples, tone and transcription settings.

Step6.) To finally convert the MIDI file to sheet music, you need another software to do it. I recommend MuseScore since it is free and stable. Download the software and install that first to your computer.

I know that there is a lot of online tools that will convert MIDI to sheet music but they offer a lot of limitations such as MIDI file size or the number of times you can use their tool per day. Using MuseScore will solve all these limitations.

Once you have installed MuseScore in your system, launch it. You will be presented with a demo music sheet. You will need to close by going to File — > Close. Then load the MIDI file to MuseScore by going to File — > Open and browse to the MIDI file location.

After clicking “Open” you will be presented with a MIDI import options. As a tip, if your piece tempo is slow (such as the guitar solo example previously), you can try 1/8 as the shortest note on import. This makes the resulting music sheet to look cleaner.

Shortest note

Shortest note

Finally click OK to complete the process.

Step7.) This is the resulting music sheet converted by MuseScore:

MuseScore music sheet

MuseScore music sheet

Now you can try playing and editing the music sheet within the software. You can even save and print it as a nice music sheet for your own reference.

Below is the edited music sheet to remove the imperfections of the WAV to MIDI conversion:

Clean sheet

Clean sheet

And this is the resulting music sheet in PDF format.

And if you like to listen how the edited MIDI (rendered by the music sheet on MuseScore) would sound like (using piano as the MIDI instrument tone):

You will notice that it sounds much like exactly the same with the original audio. This also implies that the music sheet accurately depicts the original notes.

Content last updated on June 22, 2012