How to Troubleshoot Firewire Connection in Windows (IEEE 1394)

This is a troubleshooting guide for Firewire in Windows XP or Windows 7..

What is the Best Free Audio Dithering Plug-in Solution?

In this post, you will know the freely available dithering plug-in or tools that you can use in audio mastering. The objective is to provide the best sounding 16-bit audio that you can produce using an open source dithering solution. As an overview, di …

Audio Quality Measurement Tool & MP3 Sound Analyzer – Online Version

This is the online version of AudioSpectro FIRE, a tool that can be used to assess the track frequency balance.

AudioSpectro FIRE- Frequency Balance Tool for Audio Mastering

AudioSpectro FIRE (Flat and Intelligent Response Equalization) is a tool that can be used to solve problems involving frequency balance in audio mastering process.

Using a Direct Box in your Home Recording Studio

This is a tutorial illustrating the use of direct box in a home recording application. I received an inquiry from a reader about issues on recording a digital piano. Below are the gears and accessories used: 1.) CLP-295GP Yamaha Clavinova digital piano …