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Professional Music Review

How it works?

You can get started by visiting this page.

Some prominent music websites charges their users for a pro-music review. But you can get it free in this website. The following are the benefits:

1.) Its free. You do not need to spend anything just to get your music professionally reviewed.
2.) You get some promotion and publicity. Remember that all reviews are published on this website, so interested users and music industry professionals will notice your presence and your talent.
3.) Its very detailed. I will comment based on the following aspects:

a.) Songwriting – chords, lyrics and structure.
b.) Recording quality
c.) Approach to audio mixing of the tracks
d.) The quality and sound of the final master.

If you are beginner songwriter, home producer or engineer, this will be very helpful in improving your talents and skills.

4.) You will receive suggestions and constructive comments for improvement.
5.) No membership required. All you need is to fill up the form completely and indicate your SoundCloud URL (where your track will be found).

Songwriter Demo Services

How it works?

You wrote a song and you want to have a professional recording of your song. So you might need to avail the songwriter demo services. This saves you time and money when recording/producing your song in an expensive recording studio or if you don’t have the talent to sing. Or if you don’t have the expertise to self-produced your song. You have two options:

1.) Either you want to sing your demo
2.) Either you want someone (male or female vocals) to do the vocals.


Acoustic guitar demo:

Full band demo:


a.) The demo are fully mixed and mastered.

b.) If you decide to sing the demo, you will be provided with a minus one which you will record in your local recording studio. You will be provided with instructions and specifications to come up with a quality vocal recording. You will then provide your vocal tracks back to me to mix along with the minus one.

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